by Minus Ten Thousand Hours

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Written & performed by Minus Ten Thousand Hours
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Red Lake Sound Studios


released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Minus Ten Thousand Hours Dublin, Ireland

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Track Name: Gruesome Jerusalem
From the window to the wall
Your brains desire is to know it all
And as I watch you lie awake
I see you remember every mistake

And all you know
Is that your biblical views have twisted your mind inside and out
It’s gruesome Jerusalem, baby
Who do you love?

From the hatred to the quiet sell
The man you love now is living in hell
With a cigarette can’t figure out what makes you tick
A kiss on the hand and a faint lick of the lips
Track Name: Flick That Switch
I flicked the switch
Now counting morals
At the bottom reef and corals
I never knew I’d be here
At the bottom of the bottle
With my foot now off the throttle
I never knew I’d be here
Well it’s a lesson learned
I’ve fallen out now burned
Won’t you take your turn
To sing a song with me
Be it good or bad
I’ll take all of what you had

All that you
All that you’ve ever had
To bring me back up
Back to my throne

You heard I flicked that switch
Heard I summoned that witch
You heard it all my friend
Outside the holy ground
The future’s lost and found
Is where my stories ran
Through the Algum trees
The talks of birds and the bees
The old wizards tell
But it’s not their fault
They spilled no brains just salt
But they took all you had
Track Name: Fat Kid
If the genius doesn’t get it, does he get mocked
Like a fat kid falling down the stairs at school?
And if the rich man ties his shoes too tight and gets blisters
Bet he complains more then that homeless dude
What’s a bride to a spot like a man to a gun?
Could have the same needs like killing the sun
Well I’m a loose brick on a load bearing wall
I couldn’t give two fucks whether you’d stand or fall

I’m taking the good part of this chapter I know
With all these rocks on my shoulders and I feel like jumping

Ride along everyone's got a song
That’s going to make you feel good!

Let me draw it out like a prophet
Crude, dirty and simple - I made no profit
And all the love loss with Je Suis Charlie
I couldn’t piece the love
They couldn’t have peace with me
Everyone’s got a chance to die
Everyone’s got a chance to fly
I know, I smoke with your brother and your sister
And I do love your mother

I’m taking the good part of this chapter, I know
With all these rocks on my shoulders and I feel like jumping in
You think this world’s so innocent
With all these rocks on your shoulders and you feel like jumping

Take your time to set the bar (It’s what you wanted)
Take the edge right from the lie (It’s what you needed)
Every time I set the bar (I fail too easy)
Every time I get it right you get it wrong, you get it wrong
Track Name: Preach Commitment
You preach commitment like you know what it is
I am the current’s strength
I am worn tired and hungry for the taste of success, my dear
Time’s looking short and the sun is looking bright
A dampening answer
Cold sweats and this mirror image is far too bleak

Am I human?

I fell into a trap with beautiful lips
Oddly coloured hair all the way to the tips
Trapped inside a hole six levels deep
I undermined the strength of those still following sheep

I thank God for what he’s done
Who’s god anyway?
I pay my respect to my love
Make it last, make it last

All I wanted to know, is if you’re willing to stay

Take a load off nothing to do
I didn’t rip my heart out for someone like you
Track Name: Tidal Waves
I will always love you
I will, I will, I will always love you
Say that you will
I will always love you
I know I will, I will always love you

Tidal waves
They don’t save
They never once came back

You will always hate me
You will, you will, you will always hate me
Say that you will
You will always hate me
I know you will, you will always hate me
Track Name: Araby Gift
Unknown love - North Richmond Street
Is where you’ll find that we should meet
And congregate our love in silence

I know you can’t go
You have to retreat

This is not the way I imagined
Speaking first, I’m running an errand

But I’ll go to Araby, I’ll buy you a gift

I’ll go to Araby
Track Name: I Cut The Gasline
My mind’s demented
My heart is stone
But I’m seeing red
All I wanna do is leave you for dead

I cut the gas line

You’d think I’d stop the clock to think
You’re falling apart all by yourself
You’re looking for beauty in a place now with no light
What are the answers you will find?

Every night when I fall asleep
I’m dreaming of ways of doing you in
Within violence I now sit so comfortably
You do me and I’ll do you

My mind’s demented
My heart is stoned
My eyes are green
But I’m seeing red
And all I want to do is leave you for dead